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At Bob Van Hoose Garage Door Sales & Service, we service & repair most major brands of garage doors and electric openers.

Garage Door Service

Regular maintenance on your door will not only stop problems before they happen, but save you money in the long run. Garage doors, springs, hardware - they don't last forever. When a garage door is used as your main point of entry, usage increases and the life of your door and spring mechanism decreases. Schedule a routine maintenance check today.

Garage Door Repairs

There are many moving parts in your garage door - doors, door panels, tracks, rollers, garage door locks, springs and more. If a problem happens - your garage door or garage door opener fails, or an accident occurs, call Bob Van Hoose Garage Door Sales & Service for immediate assistance. Let our fix the problem right before it becomes a disaster.

In addition to general maintenance, our repair services include:

  • Replacing broken torsion springs
  • Replacing broken extension springs
  • Repairing broken electric garage door openers
  • Yearly service & maintenance calls
  • Replacing stripped operator gears
  • Replacing/repairing frayed, broken cables
  • Repairing damaged garage door sections
  • Replacement/repair of all garage door hardware
  • Torsion spring adjustments

Contact us today for expert garage door service and repair!

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